Life Outside of the Classroom

Hello! I'm a recent University of Washington - Bothell alumnus having graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering.

I aim to document my transitioning from a full-time student to working full-time within the computing industry.

It’s PAXPrime time again!

Hard to believe a year has already gone by since I started this blog. It is PAX time again! For those in Seattle who aren’t attending, that means it is swarms of peculiar looking people in downtown Seattle again. And maaaaang has it been fun (PAX, not the swarms of people). I actually had to work Friday so I missed out on 80% of the events for that day, but these last two have been a blast. Lots of cool stuff to demo, free swag, awesome booths. I found the panels were less interesting (to me anyways) this year. There were still some good ones, but there were less than I remembered from last year that interested me.

This time last year I had just finished up my last credits at UW Bothell, and completed my CSS Colloquium presentation. I had finished my internship 1.5 months prior and was eager to start off my career. I’ve come such a long ways since then, to a point where I’ve gotten mostly out of my Imposter’s Syndrome ( feel. I’m really looking forward to continuing my growth in my career, and also reaching out to those who are just starting down the academic path towards a career like my own!

I’m not really sure what will happen to this blog after this post. My contract with UW Bothell is up at this point so I will no longer be obligated (and maybe not allowed?) to post here. Though if I can I would like to post from time to time :) I’m going to be trying to reach out to people in CSS to get more involved in some of the CSS events if I can!


Time is somehow going by really quickly but really slowly at the same time! Work has kept me busy between operational work and project work. The interns are heading back home now, but not before showing us what cool projects they were working on during their time. The types of projects they were assigned were not vitally needed features, but rather, things that would be nice to have. I just think it is so cool seeing what smart students can do in just 12 weeks time!

I’m kind of at an interesting crossroads in my life. I have my house, I got married, and I’m continuing to work at my full-time job and grow in my career. This is maybe the first time in awhile where I’m thinking “what’s next?” I have my free time back, so I’m free to catch up on house work, hobbies, and recreational projects.

I have a few programming projects that have been put on hold for awhile that I wanted to check out, but I’ve also gotten behind on my craft projects and video game queue! I’m currently playing Skyrim, picking up where I left off a few months back. I’ve been doing some much-needed tasks around the house - like mowing the lawn and weeding.

I feel like I’ve accomplished so much in a year, it is hard to imagine that it was just a year ago yesterday that I graduated from UW Bothell. Just a year! 3 years ago, when I started at UW Bothell, I never imagined that I would have gotten so far so quickly. So I wanted to say thanks :) thank you to all the staff and faculty for preparing me and giving me opportunities to chase down!


Wow, it has been way too long since I posted here! So sorry for the delay, I kind-of sort-of got married this last weekend. So the last week and a half have been super hectic getting that together.

But yeah, that has been my life since my last posting. Aside from that it has been visiting with in-laws and getting back into the work groove yet again. One pretty exciting thing is that I’m in the process of referring a friend to my team! The whole thing has reminded me that I should be getting back into the hiring training groove (I went through some training but then some vital projects came up).

That is it for me today, hopefully next week I will have something more interesting to share!

Back from vacation, getting back on track, and interruptions in the workplace

So I’m finally back from my extended vacation in Sweden! Although I already miss it dearly, I will say that I’m very happy to be home again. Something about your own bed, your own house, and your own cat is just so… comforting.

I managed to prevent myself from falling asleep on the long trip back, and having arrived in the evening at Seatac I was able to pass out as soon as I got home and return to work the next day. It was a bit of a slow day, but overall I was pretty surprised with how easy it was. I think it is definitely harder to go TO Sweden than it is to come back. Also, having the darkness of night again is quite nice (in the height of summer, Sweden is stuck in a continuous dusk-like state where the sun just goes below the horizon).

So I got back to work almost immediately after returning and I will say that I’m actually fairly pleased to be doing so. I’m getting to resume the exciting work that I left behind 3.5 weeks ago. While catching up on emails I found some very interesting articles on conversational interruptions in the tech workplace, specifically in regards to gender.

First one:


They are both interesting reads!

Beautiful Baltic Sea coast

Beautiful Baltic Sea coast


I have arrived in Sweden! And have mostly recovered from jet lag. The weather over here is lovely, but a bit on the chilly side (the deceptively friendly looking clear sky, but then a cold front + breeze comes by so you need to always go outside with a jacket on). I’ve been having to brush up on my Swedish as well, which is a little tricky. I haven’t really spoken it for 2 years, and didn’t have much time to brush up.

Anyways, I should hopefully have some pictures to share within the next week. I *just* got my internet set up and woke up at a decent time this morning. We might be hitting the city tomorrow if we are lucky!


My apologies on being so late! I’ve been scrambling to get all these last minute things done before I leave for vacation this Monday. I can’t believe it has already been 2 weeks x.x

I’ve been working on a new project at work, a pretty big one! It will be the biggest one yet, and will be a pretty big externally facing feature that we are introducing. So that has been very exciting! I also met with my two intern buddies in-person this week to get an idea for how things have been going for them in their first few weeks at Amazon. It is kind of a weird deja-vu talking to them, since I wrapped up my internship right around this time last year.


I also completed another 5k today! I ran the Seattle Solstice Run with my fiance and some of his work mates. Since I’ve been slacking on training as of late it was a little tough, but very fun!

Lastly, as I stated earlier, I’m going to be on vacation starting Monday. I will have internet access though, so I will still be checking in here. Quite possibly with some serene pictures!


Man, I love summer! Something about not having to wear a heavy jacket to work every morning and having it be light out through bed time just makes me happy.

I’m pretty settled into my new place, though there will be unpacking to do for weeks to come. I’m riding a new bus now that cut my commute by 20 minutes each way, so that is also nice! But even with this house stuff settling down I don’t think I’m going to catch a break. In a couple weeks I will be off overseas to visit family and have quite a few other things going on leading up to then!

We got another intern on our team this week and it has made me remember that it wasn’t just a year ago that I was interning at Amazon. I can definitely understand how timid these interns are, seeing as I was in the exact same scenario as many of them. And maybe some of them will be able to show their stuff enough that they will get invited back for a full-time position!


Whew, it has been awhile since I’ve been at a computer. I’ve been packing for the last week and then moved into my new place over the weekend. Guh, I’m so sore from lifting a bunch of boxes and furniture down 3 flights of stairs and back up another two flights. Now I have to take the time to unpack everything and get settled in (which I feel is going to take quite awhile).

In other news, my intern buddies are starting this week! I’m actually kind of excited since I just found out one of them is going to be on my sister team… right next to wear my team is situated. So that is pretty neat :)


While I’ve been in a little bit of a lull, things are definitely going to start speeding up again. We should have our house settled by next week and could probably move in next weekend. Then next month I will be off to Sweden to visit my family :) Not to mention several other tasks strewn in there.

Things at work have been kind of all over the place. I just wrapped up my second on-call week with success and I can’t believe the rate at which I have been learning things! I’ve been getting a wide exposure to our services and the inner workings of the team, all while getting to work on interesting yet challenging projects. Speaking of which! My next project will be significantly bigger than the ones I’ve done before, AND it is going to be a major customer-facing feature :) So stay tuned for that!